"A valuable asset, which saves us money."

"…TRAISR is sophisticated enough to do it all with one piece of software rather than piece-mealing it together with several other programs.…"

The TRAISR Product

TRAISR is sophisticated enough to do it all with one piece of software rather than piece-mealing it together with several other programs.

It’s a nice design, which is aesthetically advanced, while being easy to use. For the most part I was able to get on and start using the software immediately without a lot of training. There are other GIS programs out there that aren’t user friendly and require hours of extensive training.                                                  

The Team

It is a great team. The TRAISR team has bent over backward throughout the entire process of implementing and training the staff here in Hatfield. And have really invested the time and resources to ensure that its staff  can respond to all of our needs quickly.

The McMahon Advantage

The big advantage McMahon has is that they’re already familiar with the municipal business. They are our township’s engineering firm. They understand our space so that helped them tailor the TRAISR software to municipal operations.”

Aaron Bibro, Township Manager

Hatfield Township, PA

"…We've made some real progress ... and I found [Traisr] very useful during this recent blizzard…"

... We’ve made some real progress with this GPS system and that I found it very useful during this recent blizzard. Not only was I able to identify the status of some hot spots and have directed follow up on those items, but (perhaps more importantly) when the mayor received a complaint of a street that hadn’t been plowed, I was able to tell him the times of the 5 passes we made on that street … I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given us to date and relay that we are seeing operational improvements with it already. “

See the full case study on managing Snowmageddon with Traisr!

David F. Turocy

Former Commissioner of Public Works— City of Newton, MA

"…Because it is cloud-based, we no longer need to worry about software and system updates…"

Because it is cloud-based, we no longer need to worry about software and system updates. Implementing TRAISR has streamlined our work, allowing real-time updates, and clear communications which aids us in making sound business decisions which ultimately will net cost savings.

Matt Feeney

Director of Public Works, City of Bonita Springs, FL

"….. Reduce salt spreading time from 4 hours to 90 minutes…"

The benefits of this comprehensive GIS based Winter Maintenance Management System (WMMS) can be demonstrated by evaluating improvements realized in the township's winter operations. Using the WMMS component of the GIS, and other improvements, Hamilton Township was able to reduce its salt spreading time, for all of the primary roads, from four (4) hours to 90 minutes. In addition, every township road (primary and secondary) was able to be plowed within 24 hours. In the past, it took 36 hours or longer to accomplish this. The township also cut its salt usage by about 50%. Much of that can be contributed to tracking operations using the GIS and WMMS, tracking salt application rates, calibrating spreading equipment and employee training. With the savings in overtime and material usage, the township has been able to save several hundred thousand dollars per winter season while significantly improving level of service and response times. The benefits received by using the system exceed what was originally anticipated. In the 35 years I've been involved in Transportation and Public Works, McMahon is at the top of my list of consultants.

Richard M. Balgowan, PE, PP, CPWM, PWLF

Former Director of Public Works, Township of Hamilton, NJ

"…a perfect 10…"

I would rate McMahon a 10 in responsiveness to the needs of special populations within my program area, they worked specifically to the requirements of my solution.

Ashwin Patel, P.E., Traffic Signals & Safety Manager

PennDOT District 6-0

"…a valuable asset… which saves us money…"

We sincerely thank McMahon, and specifically Brian Berdel, for the services you have provided the Township of Solebury, Pennsylvania, with our GIS, township asset and document management system. The application, which you designed specifically for our needs, helps us better manage our resources and effectively allows us to communicate to our residents. This has demonstrated to be a valuable asset, which has made our operations more efficient, which in turn saves us money.

Jean Weiss, Administrator

Solebury Township, PA

"…completely satisfied…"

We have been completely satisfied with their staff and have hired them for follow-up work and additional services.

Rich Watson, Director of Water Pollution Control

Township of Hamilton, NJ