Why use Traisr?

 How can Traisr help my organization?

Traisr allows multiple kinds of users to track, manage, maintain and report on your vital assets—quickly and easily, on the road or off. It will help you budget and plan for the future.

 Is Traisr built for public or private industry?

Both. Traisr can be used in industries and municipalities large and small. From a local landscaping company to a state government and just about everything in between. Traisr can support amusement parks, hospitals, municipalities, city and state governments, among many others.

 How many users can Traisr accommodate?

Traisr is infinitely scalable. Whether you have a few users or a few thousand, the Traisr model can work for you.

 What sets Traisr apart?

Traisr is truly a next-generation asset management system. We believe it does more than other systems, it’s far more customizable, and it’s easier to use. It is built with the end user in mind.

The basics

 What types of assets can we manage with Traisr?

Traisr has a template of standard assets which includes pavement, signals, bridges, sewer, signs, utilities, parcels, lights, fiber, wireless towers and facilities. However, you can add just about anything.

 How detailed is the asset information?

You decide. We have a set of predetermined data, but you can turn it on or off, add your own and categorize them.

 Can we set up predetermined schedules for maintenance, inspections and work orders?

Yes. You can customize those schedules, too.

 Will we receive email alerts for upcoming or past due items?

Yes. You can get alerts for many kinds of assets, work and permitting.

 Can I manage documents associated with my assets?

Yes, of course. Traisr has no limitations on the types of documents you can manage. Just upload plans, reports, warranty information, whatever you need. You can also set up notifications that will warn your staff if a contract or warranty is about to expire.

 Does Traisr allow us to link images and videos to an asset?

Yes. Traisr supports a variety of image and video formats. You can also set a description, title and related information. View the asset on any device, saving yourself trips to the field.

 Can I edit my GIS data?

Yes. Traisr is one of the only web-based solutions that allow end users with the proper security to edit data stored in the cloud. Users can edit point, line or polygon data.

 What type of reporting can I expect?

Traisr uses dashboard-based reporting so you can quickly and easily access and filter charts and line item reports. We can also generate custom reports for you.


 Is Traisr cloud-based or on-premise?

It can be either. Traisr was designed as a multi-tenant SaaS solution, but can also be deployed at your location using industry standard server software.

 Will we need special equipment? What types of devices can access Traisr?

Traisr can be accessed from virtually any device. It's been built on HTML5 and the latest GIS and Server technologies, which allows for cross platform compatibility. So whether you're using a laptop, PC, tablet or mobile device, you and your staff can access Traisr without any software installation. Just access it from a web browser.

 Do users need an internet connection if they're performing an inventory or an inspection in the field?

No. Using new data caching technology, Traisr can work online or offline. It will automatically synchronize your data once you're reconnected.

 What types of GIS platform is Traisr using?

Traisr is built on a combination of Microsoft SQL Server Spatial and Esri's ArcGIS online. Both are industry standards. You'll also get the benefits of Esri's ArcGIS online organization account.

 Is my data secure if it's hosted in the cloud?

Traisr is hosted using industry standard role-based security, as well as a state-of-the-art disaster recovery solution.

 Can our existing data be migrated into Traisr?

Yes. You or we can migrate existing GIS, Financial, SCADA, work orders and a variety of other data sets.

 What types of existing software can be integrated with Traisr?

We can integrate with just about any type of application data source. That includes GIS data sources, tax databases, finance applications, document management systems and SCADA systems.