MBTA Bus Stop Accessibility Audits - Field Data Collection

McMahon Associates was engaged by the MBTA to undertake an audit of selected bus stops across their system, with a focus on ADA and MBTA accessibility requirements. The goal of the project was to review deficiencies at each bus stop, develop provisional cost estimates to make accessibility improvements, and ultimately to design improvements at several locations.

Field technicians used TRAISR to collect field data was collected on a tablet. Within the program data, sketches and photos, were linked to each bus stop in the field and uploaded directly, enabling real-time availability of information, as well as a centralized download of all data and images at one time. Accessibility-related elements audited included the landing area, path of travel, curb ramps and amenities. Other general information about the bus stop and its surrounding environment was also gathered. From this information audit reports for each stop were subsequently generated along with provisional cost estimates to improve access to each stop. McMahon is currently developing preliminary design plans for accessibility improvements at 50 priority bus stops in nine municipalities.

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