Hamilton Township - Winter Operations - Snow Plow Tracking

McMahon developed an application for Hamilton Township’s Public Works Department to improve the management and tracking of plowing during winter storms in the township. The township is now able to offer their residents access to its Winter Operations GIS system. Residents can input their street address in the relevant text box and they will be given an approximate time for when plowing is scheduled to be conducted in their neighborhood. McMahon used simple graphics (routes or points) to depict what has been plowed and where trucks are located. 

Tracking operations using Traisr, including salt application rates, calibrating spreading equipment and employee training all contributed to the fantastic results for Hamilton. With the savings in overtime and material usage, the township was able to save several $100k per winter season, which significantly improved service levels and response times. 

Additional Results

- Reduced salt spreading time from 4 hours to 90 minutes
- Cut salt usage by more than 50%
- Reduced snow plowing for EVERY Township road from over 36 hours to under 24 hours

In February 2010, the application was showcased on ABC, Channel 6 Action News, Philadelphia, PA as an innovative approach that Hamilton Township had employed to service their residents during severe snow storms.

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