TRAISR Handles Snowmageddon for Newton, MA

Tapping TRAISR to Manage Plow & Salt Operations When Mother Nature Dropped More than 100 Inches of Snow

Managing Snowmageddon

Newton, MA embraces innovation and sought to expand their snow management best practices. With increasing demand to do more with less, and increased public scrutiny, Newton focused on gaining efficiencies using GIS to track and manage operations. They chose TRAISR for their 2014-2015 winter operations management. Additionally, all vehicles were equipped with GPS for tracking, including portable GPS for contractor equipment.

Field Approach

Results for Newton, MA

The system transmitted plow location updates

The system operated FLAWLESSLY, over ALL events—more than 100 inches of total snowfall

Newton managers were able to monitor live, and recall post-event, all contractor locations to verify activity and process invoices accurately.

All previous hotspots, areas where citizens complained, were identified by the city and tested during the storm. When citizens called for an update on their street, managers were able to inform them precisely when a street was plowed, or would be. 

Going forward, Newton city managers have historical data for the city and will be able to forecast the following for future snow events:





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City of Newton, MA

Main Goal

Additional Key Management Outcomes

What Client's Say About Traisr

“... we’ve made some real progress with this GPS system and that I found it very useful during this recent blizzard. Not only was I able to identify the status of some hot spots and have directed follow up on those items, but (perhaps more importantly) when the mayor received a complaint of a street that hadn’t been plowed, I was able to tell him the times of the 5 passes we made on that street … I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given us to date and relay that we are seeing operational improvements with it already. “

David F. Turocy
Former Commissioner of Public Works 
City of Newton, MA